March 20, 2023

5 Creative Hacks To Get More Views On Reels

5 Creative Hacks To Get More Views On Reels

Instagram launched its reels feature in August 2020, providing a huge opportunity for content creators, brands, influencers, and celebrities to showcase their talents with short video features. Instagram has given a lot of organic boost to its users through the IG reels, which eventually leads to the  growth of  your Instagram account. Following the right strategy will push your Instagram impressions even higher resulting  in rampant growth of your Instagram account. Here are some beneficial methods to increase views on Instagram reels.

#1: Create Valuable Content

Posting entertaining and informative content is the most effective way to grow on a platform like Instagram. Share content that delivers valuable information to the viewers to build great relationships.  All of us know that many reels go viral on Instagram, because they have some inspirational tutorials and how-to videos to educate potential audiences. 

Also, make sure to create content that is related to the niche you are working in. Use the Instagram discover page to find the type of content that performs well in your niche. Then recreate those videos to attract your target audience among massive users. 

#2: Post Reels Regularly

Posting videos consistently is the key to  unleash likes on reels videos. When you post more reels on Instagram, you have better chances of getting your content in front of your audience. Always maintain consistency while sharing your Instagram reels to increase your video visibility and engagement. 

Instagram reels is an excellent feature to maximize your popularity in a short period. When your reels get more likes and views, the Instagram algorithm will consider your post containing engaging content and push your reels to the Instagram explore page. 

When you scroll the Instagram discover page for 10 minutes, you may find the trending songs or sounds on the platform. Using the popular soundtracks in your reels video will increase the chances of getting more views and likes from the potential audience. Additionally, every Instagram user likes to watch new and trending videos from the account they are following. 

Besides trending music, Instagram also has some effects and filters. If you see any new effects trending on Instagram, use those effects to engage your audience and attract new followers to your Instagram profile. 

#4: Write Engaging Captions

Writing catchy captions is the most effective way to grab the user’s

attention and increase the chances of getting your content viral on Instagram. Make sure that your caption should match the content in your Instagram reels. Plus, your captions should provide value to the users so that your audience engages more with your reels.

According to the research, many Instagrammers like to watch videos without sounds, so having great captions will help them to understand your content. The more likes, comments, and shares your reel gets, the more it will be pushed by the algorithm to the Instagram explore page. 

#5: Add Relevant Hashtags

Whether you are a small business or content creator, using hashtags in your Instagram reels is the best way to get organic likes for your reels videos. Adding relevant hashtags in your reels will make your content get in front of your target audience on Instagram. Additionally, you can use some trending hashtags in your videos to attract new audiences to your Instagram profile. 

In addition, add hashtags that are relevant to your niche to find your target audience on Instagram. Use the Hashtags generator tool or look at your competitor to see what kind of hashtags they use in their content to reach a wider audience to your profile. 

Final Thoughts

With the right strategy, anyone can become popular on Instagram. In the digital world, everyone spends more than four hours every day on social media channels, especially Instagram. So it is essential to create authentic content that attracts your audience and increases your platform engagement rate. I hope the above five tips will help you to create engaging Instagram reels that boost your video views and visibility.