March 20, 2023

Easy Ways to Unlock Your iPhone: Solutions for the Passcode Not Working Problem

iphone passcode issue

iphone passcode issue

Introduction to iPhone Passcode Not Working Issue

A passcode is a safety precaution designed to protect your iPhone from unwanted access. There are a few things you can attempt to fix the problem if you have forgotten your passcode or if the passcode is not functioning.

1. Verify that you are entering the right passcode. The 4-digit passcode for the iPhone is case-sensitive. The iPhone won’t open if you enter the wrong passcode or if you type it incorrectly.

2. Consider rebooting your iPhone. Restarting your iPhone may resolve any problems with the passcode. Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until the “slide to power off” slider displays to restart your iPhone. In order to switch off your iPhone, slide the slider. After turning off your iPhone, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button one more until the Apple logo appears.

3. Consider wiping the factory settings off of your iPhone. You can try resetting your iPhone to factory settings if restarting it does not resolve the problem. Make sure you have backed up any crucial data before completing this step because doing so will wipe all of your data from your iPhone. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Wipe All Documents and Settings to restore your iPhone to factory settings. When prompted, enter your passcode, then confirm that you wish to delete all of the data on your iPhone by pressing Erase.

Common Causes of Passcode Not Working Issue

When an iPhone user’s passcode stops working, it might be one of the most aggravating experiences ever. There are numerous reasons why this could occur, but fortunately there are numerous solutions as well. Here are some typical reasons why the passcode isn’t functioning, as well as some efficient solutions.

1. Wrong Passcode: Entering the wrong code is one of the most frequent causes of the passcode not functioning problem. The first thing you should do if you find yourself in this position is double-check that you are inputting the right code. Although it might seem like an obvious option, this is one that is frequently disregarded.

2. Worn Out Buttons: Worn out or damaged buttons are another frequent source of the passcode not working issue. The buttons on your iPhone may not be making proper contact with the passcode reader and hence not correctly recognising your input if they are worn out. You might try wiping the buttons on your iPhone with a gentle cloth or cotton swab to repair this.

3. Hardware Problems: Hardware problems, such as a malfunctioning passcode reader or frayed cable connections, might occasionally be the root of the passcode not working issue. If you think this might be the case, checkout the articles on to fix the most common iPhone issues.

Solutions for Passcode Not Working Issue

There are a few potential fixes you can attempt if the passcode on your iPhone isn’t working. Check to see if you are using the right passcode first. Try rebooting your iPhone if the issue persists. Try restoring your iPhone back to factory settings if that doesn’t work. You should first make a backup of your information because this will destroy all of your data. You might need to take your iPhone to an Apple Store or an authorised service provider for additional diagnostics if none of these fixes work.

How to Reset Your iPhone

You can reset your iPhone to clear all data and settings if it is locked and you can’t remember your passcode. By doing this, the passcode will be erased and you can then establish a new one.

Both iTunes and the “Erase All Content and Settings” option in the Settings app can be used to factory reset your iPhone. You must use the latter option if you’ve never synced your device with iTunes or if you forget your iTunes password.

Using the “Erase All Content and Settings” function, reset your iPhone as follows:

1. Launch your device’s Settings application.

2. Choose General, then select Reset by scrolling down.

3. Choose Wipe All Settings and Content. Enter your passcode if required to proceed.

4. At the bottom of the screen, select Erase iPhone. 5. To confirm that you want to wipe your device, enter your Apple ID password. 6. To continue with the reset procedure, tap Erase once more at the bottom of the screen. Wait until your iPhone has finished wiping its memory completely before setting it up again as fresh.

How to Reset Restrictions

There are a few ways to reset your iPhone passcode if you’ve forgotten it. You should start by trying to enter your passcode using the incorrect case. If your passcode is “1234”, for instance, try typing it as “1234” or “1234”. The passcode entry screen may frequently occur as a result of this.

You can try resetting your limitations if that doesn’t work. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings to accomplish this. Make sure you have a backup before continuing because this will wipe all of your settings and data. Enter your passcode to unlock your iPhone once you’ve reset all the settings.

You can restore your iPhone from an earlier backup if you’re still having trouble remembering your passcode. Connect your iPhone to your computer and launch iTunes to get started. Choose “Restore from a Backup…” and then follow the on-screen instructions to select your device’s most recent backup. You should only do this if you have a recent backup of your iPhone because doing so will completely erase all of its data.

Other Tips and Tricks to Fix the Passcode Not Working Issue

There are a few additional strategies you can use if you’ve tried the procedures listed above and your iPhone passcode is still not functioning.

1. Restart your iPhone: Occasionally, this will resolve small software issues that may be preventing your passcode from working. Hold down the power button on your iPhone until the “Slide to Power Off” instruction displays, then release the button. Slide the power off after which, and after a brief delay, turn your iPhone back on by pressing and holding the power button once more.

2. Upgrade the iPhone software: Passcode problems can occasionally be caused by outdated software. Open the Settings app and select General > Software Update > Download and Install to update the software on your iPhone (if an update is available).

3. Try restoring your iPhone from a backup if none of the options mentioned above work. Make sure you have a backup of your data stored before starting because this will completely remove it from your device. Connect your iPhone to iTunes and choose “Restore from Backup” to restore it from a backup.


We’ve talked about how to fast and efficiently fix the passcode on your iPhone isn’t working issue. You should start by restarting your smartphone because this frequently solves the problem right away. If not, you should reset your device using iTunes or iCloud, which will erase all of your data while preserving the ability to use it again with a new passcode. If all else fails, it’s crucial to get in touch with Apple support as they could be able to offer additional assistance. We sincerely hope that our guidance was helpful and wish you luck in quickly and easily unlocking your iPhone!