March 20, 2023

How To Create An Instagram Poll On Stories (+ Creative Ideas)

How To Create An Instagram Poll On Stories

The Instagram poll is the best way to increase engagement on your stories that provides a greater chance for potential audiences to interact with your posts. From asking a funny question to promoting your brand, Instagram polls take your business to the next level. Instagram polls bring in a lot of engagement which is not possible through regular Instagram stories. 

With Instagram polls, you can find your audience’s interests and meet their expectations with your content. According to recent research, 58% of Instagrammers say that their interest in a brand increases while participating in polls.  Are you ready to change your Instagram stories and polls to see how other businesses use them? Let’s get started!!

How To Create An Instagram Poll

Adding a poll to your story is easy when you follow the below steps:

  • After creating a post, tap the poll icon on the top right corner of the screen.
  • A poll sticker lets your audience select one answer on your informative sticker, or use an emoji slider to get huge responses from your audience.
  • Customize your Instagram poll by adding questions. 
  • Now modify your answer. If you don’t change the answer, by default, it is set to “Yes” or “No.”
  • Swipe up on your IG story to check the real-time results. It will allow you to know the number of votes you receive and the number of post views. 
  • Now share the result with your audience to know which answer was most popular. 

Benefits Of Instagram Polls

Successful brands on Instagram know how polls can skyrocket their reach. Here are some of the poll benefits:

  • Increase real-time interaction with your audience
  • Improve video engagement rate
  • Boost organic traffic to your videos, blog posts, and websites
  • Give information about your audience 
  • Provide feedback on your account, company, and products

Types of Engaging Instagram Polls

Below are some Instagram polls that can generate higher engagement for your brand or business.

  • Use ‘yes or no’ type polls
  • Create ‘This or That’ polls
  • Share poll to showcase products
  • Use polls for website promotion
  • Share polls for customer feedback/market research
  • Conduct quizzes 

Top Three Instagram Poll Ides

#1: Ask Your Audience Opinions

Getting an opinion from your target audience is important to get a great response for your Instagram content. So, polling your audience with “This or That” or “Yes or No” questions will be great to grab the audience’s interest and create content accordingly. For example, you can share two images of your upcoming products and ask your audience to vote for which they are most excited about. Or, if you are promoting a new brand or service, ask a question like “Are you excited about a new thing” or “Would you use this?” Then you can easily identify your audience’s interest.

#2: Drive People To Your Videos 

More people will dive into your Instagram videos when you conduct an engaging poll in your stories. Creating interesting polls using Instagram stories can drive new audiences to your profile and improve your engagement and reach. 

If you are the one having less video engagement for your poll videos, you can find the best service provider to boost your future posts with automatic Instagram likes. Certainly, your post has greater chances to rank on Instagram explore page and attract a large fanbase. 

#3: Create Suspense And Excitement

Another clever way to boost audience engagement is by creating excitement through polls. Is your business teaming up with influencers for your next Instagram campaign? Share a poll asking your audience to guess the famous influencers you will work with. 

Additionally, if you are doing a business collaboration for upcoming products, shout out to the brands within your Instagram poll questions. In addition, share high-quality photos of your new products and ask the audience, “Do you want to see more?” which creates excitement among your audiences.

Final Thoughts

Using Instagram polls helps to interact with your target audience and increase the engagement on your profile. In this article, I have covered some basic Instagram poll ideas that help you to connect with your audience in real time. Share more Instagram polls to improve brand awareness, drive your website traffic, and boost sales conversions.